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Ryan Casey evaluating a client

Ryan Casey operates an exercise based wellbeing practice featuring Muscle Activation Techniques™, Personal Training and Coaching.  Combining the best features of his experience in athletics, coaching and corporate wellness–Ryan customizes personal plans designed for you to reach your full potential.
Aside from empowering thousands of people over the past 20 years to better health, Ryan holds a Masters of Science degree Health, Fitness Management as well as an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology. As an expert in muscular function Ryan specializes in performance and recovery by breaking movement down to its smallest parts, finding the weakest link and rebuilding the body from there. He works with a wide spectrum of people from assisting seniors in becoming more active to preparing athletes from adolescents to All-Americans to compete in state, national and Olympic competitions.
Ryan is a Mastery level Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist serving NW Indiana and South West Michigan.  In addition to this work, Ryan has conducted thousands of coaching sessions for Fortune 500 companies, and has given over a 150 lectures across Chicago, including multiple visits to the Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Departments.
In his spare time Ryan enjoys hiking in the dunes, baking bread and sharing fun facts and local secret spots.

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