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Frequently Asked

What to expect

The first appointment is about getting a baseline. We’ll review your health history, complete an evaluation to see how your body is moving and come up with an action plan. The initial consultation lasts around 60 minutes.


Will my insurance cover MAT?

No, MAT is not a medical procedure. However, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) can be used with a letter of medical necessity from your physician as MAT™ is viewed as improving personal health and wellbeing.


What makes a muscle weak or inhibited?

A multitude of factors such as trauma, stress, or overuse can contribute to muscle weakness. When you exercise, there is a period of exertion and then recovery. It is normal to feel fatigue. When there is trauma, stress or overuse, the muscle may not recover until properly rested. If this is habitual, (i.e. sitting at the computer for hours per day, over the course of many years) then the result can be muscle weakness. The central nervous system detects various forms of stress and as a defense mechanism, inhibits the ability of muscles to contract. When a particular set of muscles contract or shorten, the opposing or antagonist muscles lengthen. In contrast, the lengenthing muscles may lose their ability to lengthen because the opposite muscles cannot contract. Your body produces a protection mechanism to keep the body from moving into a position of weakness or vulnerability. A sudden trauma to the body may also cause a muscle to become weakened, such as slipping on ice and moving into an extreme range of motion suddenly. Our goal is to eliminate this "tightness" by simply restoring your muscle’s ability to contract. At MAT™ we say, "Muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness." If you can correct the weakness, then most times you can eliminate the tightness.


What if I have to Cancel?

Our Cancellation Policy is a fee of 50% for sessions canceled within a 24 hour period.


How much does it cost?


60 minute Sessions


Single Session $165/per


6 Session Package $140/per - Total $840 (Save $150)


10 Session Package $125/per - Total $1250 (Save $400)


20 Session Package $108/per - Total $2160 (Save $1140)

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