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MAT can help explore what could be causing pain. Within the MAT philosophy, pain is an indicator that something is wrong. It's like the check engine light in your car — it tells you there is a problem, but not necessarily where the problem is.

Muscle Activation Techniques has a series of checks and balances to see where there are muscle weaknesses (or inhibition). Oftentimes, these muscular weaknesses and the resulting imbalances can contribute to the cause of pain.

By addressing the imbalances in the muscular system, MAT can work towards resolving the issue. To be clear: MAT does NOT TREAT PAIN... rather it explores the muscular system's role in the symptom of pain.
MAT ensures that muscles can contract efficiently. Muscles contract when input from the Central Nervous Systems (CNS) reaches the specific muscle or muscles telling the muscle(s) to contract.

Just like the current from your car's battery if there is a "bad connection" or the absence of a connection, the motor won't respond. Similarly, muscles that aren't receiving proper input from the CNS become inhibited or weak. This weak muscle loses its ability to stabilize joints and properly protect the body from injury.

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