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MAT can help people address issues that can contribute to chronic illness. There are a multitude of systems in the body.  When the muscular system is working optimally, it is one less stress that the body has to deal with.

This frees up the body to address and respond to other systems. By improving muscle function, the body functions better as a whole. Just like with properly prescribed exercise, stress and inflammation levels can decline which allows the body to apply its healing efforts towards the other systemic challenges it is facing.
As people age, there is a natural breakdown of the body that can result in a variety of challenges. The most significant challenges include muscle weakness and a decrease in range of motion. This can affect one's ability to move freely and unencumbered.

MAT can help to improve one's strength and range of motion by improving the neuromuscular connection to help create more stability as well as mobility while also addressing other symptoms that seem to accompany each passing year.

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